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Picture Restoration



It is a very skilful and sensitive process; that requires the restorer to work with great delicacy and care.

We specialize in restoration of oil paintings, fine art on paper, watercolours, etchings, lithographs, engravings, oriental scrolls, wallpapers, etc;

Art restoration may include: cleaning, repairing tears, removal of aged varnish, stabilization, lining, filling paint losses, re-touching and re-varnishing.

It is important after the restoration of the artwork to frame it properly; using conservation materials and techniques. Please contact our showroom for further details.


Where possible it is recommended to keep an original frame. This may add to the full value of the artwork and help retain its original character.

Our frame restoration services include: cleaning and repairing of the damaged moulding, replacement of the missing parts, re-glazing, re-gilding and matching the finish to the original. Please contact our showroom for further details.

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