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Bespoke Framing

Bespoke Framing

Picture framing is a truly creative process in its own right. There are no strict rules on presentation. Each piece of artwork must be approached individually in order to allow the artwork to shine through and make the impact it deserves. A good framing solution will be visually sympathetic to the artwork. It must not overwhelm or fail to add aesthetic value (unless of course the purpose of the frame is to make a statement).

Technically a well constructed frame serves to protect the artwork and maintain it in pristine condition.

It can be difficult, if not impossible, to choose the best framing for a piece of artwork without a personal viewing (although it may work for simpler projects such as the framing of film posters or certificates). We are happy to give an estimate of costs and advice over the telephone or by email, but we would be delighted to meet you in person!

There are various methods of framing:


Artwork is placed between a pane of glass and the backing board and the frame and the frame sits directly on the edge of the image. This is not the most protective solution, but provides the most economic way of framing, offering a simple, bold statement, and is quite common for the framing of film posters and certificates of no particular value. Without the glass this method is suitable also for paintings on board or canvas.


Window mounts (“passé-par-tout”) enhance your artwork and create space around the image. More importantly, a window mount prevents direct contact between the artwork and the glass – potentially a contributory factor to the damage of quality artwork.

There are many styles of mount and approaches to arranging them.

The presentation of some paper artworks will be greatly improved by DRY MOUNTING. Although dry mounting is not generally considered an archival method, it does have some advantages; it flattens the artwork to give a clean crisp look and helps disguise assorted creases. The main disadvantage of dry mounting is that it is not a reversible process in most cases. It should also be noted, that certain subjects do not react well to the heat process required for dry mounting. Please contact our showroom for further details.

As an alternative to dry mounting for we can offer LINEN BACKING. This technique is particularly suitable for old, vintage film posters. It helps to preserve and stabilize the poster, makes handling, storing and framing of it much easier, but also prevents from further damages.


With this type of framing the artwork is usually recessed behind the glass. The glass is held away from the artwork with a fillet the depth of which can vary to suit the image or object.

This style of framing provides a “window effect” offering depth and interest. Box frames may be used for framing many types of artwork, particularly 3 dimensional objects such as medals, coins, jewellery, but are also ideal for paintings, lithographs etc. It is the ideal option for mounting those “difficult to frame” objects.


This is the ever-popular way of framing stretched canvases, oils on boards, wood blocks and even dry-mounted and sealed photographs. There is no glass. The artwork floats within the frame, a carefully measured gap is created all around the piece.

In order to achieve the most elegant presentation the frame must be of the required depth and the artwork of suitable composition.

Our experienced consultants will provide the appropriate advice and guidance to ensure a contemporary and stylish result you will enjoy for many years.


We believe that our generous selection of frames allows our customers to find the perfect frame for their artwork. More importantly, we pride ourselves on our ability to enhance the customer experience and provide a profile and finish for each individual artwork that is truly bespoke. Please feel free to contact our showroom for more details.

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